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Daily Cleanse Fiber (Formerly named Rejuve Gentle Daily Fiber)  [gaia-90976010.jpg]

Daily Cleanse Fiber (Formerly named Rejuve Gentle Daily Fiber)

Supports healthy & gentle elimination*

Daily Cleanse Fiber is a proprietary blend of plant based fibers and herbs to help support healthy digestion and elimination.* Used daily, this blend gently supports regularity with fiber and Triphala, while herbs like Ginger and Cinnamon pleasantly warm and stimulate digestion.*

• 270 g bottle

• 3-Pack (3 x 270 g bottle)
$25.39 per bottle - SAVE $1.80!

Passionflower Vine [gaia-90540001.jpg]

Passionflower Vine

Passiflora incarnata

  • Ultimate Support for Refreshing & Revitalizing Sleep*
  • Support For the Body During Occasional Times of Stress*
  • Encourages Trophorestoration of the Nervous System*
  • • 1 oz. bottle

    • 3-Pack (3 x 1 oz. bottle)
    $14.32 per bottle - SAVE $2.00!

    Peppermint Leaf [gaia-90550001.jpg]

    Peppermint Leaf

    Mentha piperita

  • Promotes Healthy Functions of the Digestive System*
  • Support For Occasional Gas and Bloating After Meals*
  • • 1 oz. bottle

    • 3-Pack (3 x 1 oz. bottle)
    $14.32 per bottle - SAVE $2.00!

    PlantForce® Liquid Iron [gaia-90894085.jpg]

    PlantForce® Liquid Iron

    Vegetarian formula supports healthy iron & energy levels*

    Great Taste! Made with Organic Honey. Iron is an essential mineral that enables the blood to carry life-giving oxygen to the cells.* This is why maintaining healthy iron levels is crucial for helping you feel more energetic, vibrant and alive.* Yet iron does not work alone. It acts in concert with a range of food-bound nutrients that facilitate its absorption and help release oxygen from the blood into the cells.* Gaia Herbs PlantForce Liquid Iron provides highly absorbable iron in a base of select botanicals gently extracted to liberate their natural content of these nutrients.*

    • 8.5 oz. bottle

    • 3-Pack (3 x 8.5 oz. bottle)
    $24.39 per bottle - SAVE $4.80!

    • 16 oz. bottle

    • 3-Pack (3 x 16 oz. bottle)
    $43.26 per bottle - SAVE $17.20!

    Propolis Extract [gaia-90577001.jpg]

    Propolis Extract

    Bee Harvested Tree Resin

    Harvested from North American sources, Propolis Extract supports healthy immune system functions and soothes the mucosal tissues.*

    • 1 oz. bottle

    • 3-Pack (3 x 1 oz. bottle)
    $15.59 per bottle - SAVE $1.20!

    Prostate Health [gaia-90a55060.jpg]

    Prostate Health

    Supports healthy prostate function*

    Prostate Health optimizes metabolism of male hormones, promotes prostate health, and provides concentrated antioxidant protection, with botanically derived ingredients like Saw Palmetto Fatty Acid Sterols and Pomegrante Seed Oil.

    • 60 ct. bottle

    • 3-Pack (3 x 60 ct. bottle)
    $28.99 per bottle - SAVE $6.00!

    Quick Defense® [gaia-90a65020.jpg]

    Quick Defense®

    Rapid immune response at onset*

    Quick Defense supports the body’s rapid response to immune stressors.* Made with Supercritical extracts of two species of Echinacea root, this formula contains high levels of Alkylamides – constituents effective in supporting a quick immune response.* With Elderberry, Ginger and Andrographis included, Quick Defense is a complete immune support formula.*

    • 20 ct. bottle

    • 3-Pack (3 x 20 ct. bottle)
    $23.39 per bottle - SAVE $4.80!

    • 40 ct. bottle

    • 3-Pack (3 x 40 ct. bottle)
    $38.99 per bottle - SAVE $9.00!

    Red Clover Supreme [gaia-90924001.jpg]

    Red Clover Supreme

    Supports cellular detoxification & skin health*

    A rich source of naturally occurring plant phytoestrogens, Red Clover Supreme supports the body during menopause, encourages healthy detoxification and promotes healthy skin and appearance.*

    • 1 oz. bottle

    • 3-Pack (3 x 1 oz. bottle)
    $13.32 per bottle - SAVE $2.00!

    Reflux Relief® [gaia-90c09045.jpg]

    Reflux Relief®

    For occasional heartburn & upset stomach

    Reflux Relief combines botanicals with mineral nutrients to provide relief for occasional heartburn and acid indigestion, while promoting healthy stomach function.* Natural sources of sodium bicarbonate and calcium carbonate work as neutralizers to maintain stomach acid balance.* Organic extracts of soothing plants such as Aloe, Marshmallow, High Mallow Leaf, Licorice and Chamomile promote healthy gastric function.*

    • 15 ct. box

    • 45 ct. box

    • 3-Pack (3 x 45 ct. box)
    $30.99 per box - SAVE $6.00!

    Resveratrol 150 [gaia-90e01050.jpg]

    Resveratrol 150

    Provides antioxidant & cardiovascular support*

    The phytochemical resveratrol has garnered considerable scientific attention for its potential to support healthy blood vessel function and promote heart health. Made with sustainably harvested Japanese Knotweed, a natural source of trans-Resveratrol, Gaia Herbs' Resveratrol 150 provides the Resveratrol content of 60 bottles of red wine in one daily dose.

    • 50 ct. bottle

    • 3-Pack (3 x 50 ct. bottle)
    $23.32 per bottle - SAVE $5.00!

    Rhodiola Rosea [gaia-90a47060.jpg]

    Rhodiola Rosea

    Supports a healthy response to stress*

    Rhodiola is a potent herb that is thought to help the body adapt to stress in a healthy way.* Ecologically harvested from the pristine alpine meadows of Siberia, Gaia Herbs’ Rhodiola optimizes energy levels while promoting a healthy mood.* Each serving of Rhodiola Liquid Phyto-caps® is concentrated to contain 12 mg of active Rosavins, delivering guaranteed quality and potency.

    • 60 ct. bottle

    • 3-Pack (3 x 60 ct. bottle)
    $26.32 per bottle - SAVE $5.00!

    • 120 ct. bottle

    • 3-Pack (3 x 120 ct. bottle)
    $42.99 per bottle - SAVE $9.00!