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Bowel Regulatory

Black Walnut Hulls [gaia-90145001.jpg]

Black Walnut Hulls

Juglans nigra

  • Supports the Natural Balance of Healthy Intestinal Flora within the GI Tract
  • SupportsHealthy Intestinal Environment
  • • 1 oz. bottle

    • 3-Pack (3 x 1 oz. bottle)
    $12.39 per bottle - SAVE $1.80!

    Cleanse & Detox Tea [gaia-90c22020.jpg]

    Cleanse & Detox Tea

    Essential wellness from the inside out*

    Cleanse & Detox tea is a light-tasting yet complex blend that supports healthy liver function, which is essential to maintaining wellness.* Traditional purifying herbs such as Burdock and Artichoke combine with soothing Aloe Vera and the antioxidant properties of Rooibos,* while essential oils of Lemon and Peppermint add a hint of fresh flavor.

    • 16 teabags/box

    • 6-Pack (6 x 16 teabags/box)
    $5.66 per box - SAVE $2.00!

    Gas & Bloating Tea [gaia-90c18020.jpg]

    Gas & Bloating Tea

    Quiet the belly, quickly & reliably*

    Occasional digestive gas and bloating can be embarrassing and inconvenient, but Gas & Bloating tea provides fast-acting, discreet support for such digestive discomfort.* Peppermint, plus Fennel fruit and essential oil, soothe and cool while dispelling gas naturally.* Sip a mug after meals to cleanse the palate.*

    • 16 teabags/box

    • 6-Pack (6 x 16 teabags/box)
    $5.66 per box - SAVE $2.00!

    Natural Laxative Tea [gaia-90c19020.jpg]

    Natural Laxative Tea

    A gentle push in the right direction*

    This tea is so delicious you might forget why you are drinking it. Easier to digest than a tablet, Natural Laxative tea gently encourages the elimination process during times of occasional constipation.* This blend of 100% organic herbs works together to both revitalize and soothe your digestive system.*

    • 16 teabags/box

    • 6-Pack (6 x 16 teabags/box)
    $5.66 per box - SAVE $2.00!

    Supreme Cleanse [gaia-90099kit.jpg]

    Supreme Cleanse

    Whole body herbal detox program to support gentle internal cleansing*

    Today's environment exposes our bodies to a variety of toxins and pollutants. Gaia Herbs' Supreme Cleanse is designed to support gentle detoxification and assist with elimination.* This safe and effective cleanse supports the natural role of the liver, a healthy lymphatic system, digestion, and elimination.*

    New 12-day program - Simple twice-daily doses designed for active lifestyles. Kit Contains: Liver Cleanse – 36 Liquid Phyto-Caps™ and Daily Cleanse Fiber – 110 grams

    • 1 kit

    • 3-Pack (3 x 1 kit)
    $29.32 per kit - SAVE $2.00!

    Triphala Fruit [gaia-90e18060.jpg]

    Triphala Fruit

    Healthy digestion & elimination*

    Triphala is a gentle, traditional Ayurvedic formula comprised of an equal blend of three fruits. The blend is known for its synergistic and mild support for healthy digestion and cleansing.* As a supplement which is often used daily, Gaia Herbs chooses to source only certified organic Triphala to ensure the purity needed in a cleansing support product.*

    • 60 ct. bottle

    • 3-Pack (3 x 60 ct. bottle)
    $14.59 per bottle - SAVE $1.20!

    Wormwood Black Walnut Supreme [gaia-90800001.jpg]

    Wormwood Black Walnut Supreme

    Supports a healthy intestinal environment*

  • Supports Healthy Intestinal Environment
  • Supports the GI Tract and Promotes Healthy Intestinal Flora
  • Contains Fresh Black Walnut Hulls at the time of manufacture
  • • 1 oz. bottle

    • 3-Pack (3 x 1 oz. bottle)
    $15.59 per bottle - SAVE $1.20!

    • 2 oz. bottle

    • 3-Pack (3 x 2 oz. bottle)
    $27.99 per bottle - SAVE $3.00!