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Black Elderberry Nighttime Syrup
Black Elderberry Nighttime Syrup
For immune support & restful sleep*
3 oz. bottle
3-Pack (3 x 3 oz. bottle)
$20.79 per bottle - SAVE $3.60!
5.4 oz. bottle
3-Pack (3 x 5.4 oz. bottle)
$30.99 per bottle - SAVE $6.00!

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For centuries Black Elderberries have been recognized for supporting the immune system.* Gaia Herbs’ best-selling Black Elderberry NightTime Syrup super-concentrates the juice from 14.5 grams of organic Elderberries into a single teaspoon. Another important aspect of optimal health is restful sleep. Black Elderberry NightTime Syrup contains the organic herbs Lemon Balm and California Poppy to gently support a good night of rest.* Our Black Elderberry NightTime Syrup also contains organic Acerola Cherry fruit extract, making it a delicious and rich source of Vitamin C.*

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